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Italian Heritage Month- OCTOBER 2019



Sponsored by C.A.S.IT

In collaboration with October Italian-American Heritage Month Committee, and Sons of Italy.

This year Italian Heritage Contest will focus on Leonardo da Vinci, the artist, the inventor, the scientist, the genius. Each submission will provide opportunities to use the Italian language. The projects will present a logical progression of information, use of language as appropriate by grade level, creativity progressing with level of study and visual appeal.


Elementary school students:
1. Students are asked to create a 5-8 ages booklet about Leonardo da Vinci,  “The Genius” and cover the following aspects:
a. Where was Leonardo da Vinci born?
b. Why is he called “The Genius”?
c. Where did he start his career?
d. What is Leonardo da Vinci most important invention?
e. What is Leonardo da Vinci most famous artwork?
2. Students should submit work as a class, in small groups or individually
3. The entry will be the format of a booklet with labeled illustrations and some short phrases for older students. Creativity is important in terms of the presentation of the material: students may draw or paint, but glitter is not allowed. The facts should be historically accurate.
4. Students should use only one side of the age. Pages can be the size of copy
paper (8.5×11).
Contest entries will be judged by a committee selected by C.A.S.IT. and its

All entries should include the school name, city, grade level or teacher’s name, and the names of students for all individual or group entries. All entries must be postmarked by May, 15 2019.
Awards will be distributed on June, 2nd at Columbus Park in Boston on Republic Day.

Mail entries to: Italian Heritage Contest
C.A.S.IT., Inc.
27 Water Street, Suite 104 A/B
Wakefield, MA, 01880

Telephone: (781) 224-0532 or (617) 939-4216
Address questions to:
Executive Director of Education, M.G.Motta, mgmotta@casit.org.

Please inform C.A.S.IT. if you wish to pick up your entries after the

● First prize: $300.00
● Second Prize: $200.00
● Third Prize: $100.00

If additional scholarship funds become available, additional prizes or special categories may be added depending on the decision of the joint review committee.

Submission URL for digital entries and questions to: C.A.S.IT. Team

Adult Classes

Next Session will start Fall 2019
(Time and date will be announced September 2019)

Classes are held on Mondays & Wednesdays evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:00pm.
Private Classes can be available upon request.

Class tuition: $375.00 for 10 sessions (for a 15 hours total)

C.A.S.IT., Inc.
27 Water Street, Suite 104 A/B
Wakefield, MA 01880
Phone: 781-224-0532

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Gioca Con Me

Italian laboratories for children of age 4 to 10 at CASIT. Children will “discover” the beauty of the Italian language with a non-traditional teaching approach. Theme-based laboratories, such as music, theater, art, dance, and poetry blended in “active learning”, will foster a yearning for deeper “discovery” of the Italian language.

Next Session will start Fall 2019
(Time and date will be announced September 2019)

Classes are held on Saturday from 11:30am to 12:30pm
Tuition $150 + $25 registration fee

Phone: 781-224-0532
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Summer Camp

mgmotta@casit.org 617-939-4216
rschino@casit.org 617-803-1808

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Eataly Visits

Coming Soon

Piazza All’Aperto

Carnevale Party

A full immersion in the real Italian Carnevale spirit; a great and successful event organized by COMITES with the collaboration of CASIT and sponsored by Italian Consulate in Boston. Children from most of the Massachusetts schools gathered for a fun celebration. CASIT offered an educational and fun moment with the presentation on the Carnevale and its history, showing the kids the magic of the Venetian Carnevale.

PAZZI LAZZI an art troupe presented some of the main Italian Carnevale characters and Salimblues makes both children and adults sing on the notes of the most popular Italian songs.

The Gala of The Patrons of Italian Language

Our signature event, a full immersion in the Italian cultural excellence. The Gala of Patrons of Italian Language is a signature affair that will celebrate Italian culture by bringing to Boston an authentic piece of Italy in a way that has never been done before!

Attendees prepare themselves for a full immersion into Italy’s Culture, from art to food to technology;  enjoying signature foods and wines, while being entertained by professional opera singers and surrounded by a display of the latest in Italian technology including sports cars and motorcycles.

DATE and TIME for 2019 Gala to be announced

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