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The Patrons of the Italian Language is the new program run by C.A.S.IT., Inc., under the auspices of the Consulate General of Italy in Boston.

C.A.S.IT., whose focus during the past 20 years has been to support schools, both public and private, that are eager to introduce the Italian language in their school curriculum, has proudly and successfully reached over 12,000 students of Italian and over 80 Italian teachers during the current school year. In most recent years, particular attention has been reserved to the growth of students who will sustain the AP Italian. In order to maintain and increase these results, a constant presence in the American school system as well as a strong visibility of the Italian culture are crucial!

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Along with more “traditional” educational activities (contributions to schools for teacher salaries, purchase of books, financial support for libraries, acquisition of didactic materials and teachers professional development) other activities are essential to “bringing Italy inside the schools” and ultimately conveying directly to the students the passion, taste, style and innovation which characterize our wonderful Italian language and culture! The “Patrons of the Italian Language” represent a concrete manifestation of the passion and strong desire of the Italian and Italian American Community to sustain the necessary actions required to offer and deliver those cultural and linguistic activities which will help our language to be ever more vibrant and strong in the American school system.

To be a Patron means to contribute effectively to the realizations of specific projects such as the “Italian Day” in schools which will be held in March and October every year, professional development for teachers, awards and recognition for students (in particular AP level), visit to some Italian companies here in the US (such as the Ferrari and Lamborghini dealers or the new Eataly Boston Store) and any other activity able to promote and invigorate the teaching of our wonderful language in the schools and universities in the United States.

We hope that you too will consider becoming a Patron of the Italian language!

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