Welcome to C.A.S.IT. Welcome to Italy.

In 1995, Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane (C.A.S.IT., Inc.), as proposed by the Italian Consulate General in Boston, was formed as a non-profit educational and professional organization, for the promotion of Italian language and culture in the public and private schools of New England. Our Mission is to assist communities that wish to introduce, preserve, rejuvenate or broaden the study of the Italian language in their schools. CASIT offers grants of varying amounts for the establishment of Italian language and cultural programs with the ultimate purpose to institute Italian as a subject in the school curriculum.

Join Us and Celebrate the Warmth, Culture, and Vitality of Italy

The CASIT is a 100% volunteer‑based, non‑profit organization that is kept alive by the support and involvement of you! Become a member of our community and enjoy the warmth, hospitality, and the language and culture of Italy and Boston! As a member you will have opportunities year round, taking part in events, tours, and festivals that will shape and energize you!

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