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Executive Board
Board of Directors
Community and/or parents liaisons
Maria Gioconda Motta
Adelaide Guarracino

Albert Mogavero
Vice President

Steven Maio
Secretary / Clerk
Vilma Bibeau
Bruna Boyle
Angela Cristiani
Francesco Fragasso
Joseph Giangregorio
Maria Mansella
Katherine Lopez Natale
Giuseppe Polimeri
Rosalba Schino

Michelle Motta Dardeno
Gisella Di Paola
Maria Luisa Saraceni
Anna Maria Cugno

Library Assistant

Silvana Sestito
Patrons of the Italian Language

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Please support us!

Due to limited resources, many schools have been forced to eliminate foreign language courses, such as Italian. CASIT’s mission to assist communities that wish to introduce, preserve, rejuvenate or broaden the study of the Italian language cannot be accomplished without your support! Please help us raise funds to purchase additional resource materials, grant scholarships to students and provide funds to school systems that have requested financial assistance in order to maintain their Italian language programs.

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