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Italian Day In Our Schools

Italian Language Day is an initiative organized by CASIT in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Boston and with the support of the Patrons of the Italian Language. The initiative was held for the first time last march with the participation of the Trio I CLASSICI , Eataly Boston, Arduino srl and the local dealership Ferrari-Maserati. The project promoting the Italian language and culture within schools of the Boston area engaged over 2500 students of seven different High Schools (Medford, West Springfield, Arlington Catholic, Arlington Public, Somerville, Winchester and Boston Latin HS).

The central part of the Italian Day was the Concerts by “I CLASSICI” which presented with success and great involvement by the students, a revised and shorter version of the La Traviata followed by popular Italian songs. In several schools there was also the collaboration of Eataly which, besides offering some Italian products to the students, also held a few brief lessons in class on the Mediterranean diet, Italian gastronomy and about Eataly in the world. Another significant collaboration began with the dealership Ferrari-Maserati of New England which offered to bring and show within the school premises, some models of cars with specialized personnel explaining to the students the most innovative and interesting aspects of the vehicles exposed.

Thanks to the support of the Patrons of the Italian Language, this was a particularly successful experiment involving many different players and we intend to repeat the project during the month of October 2017 for the celebration of the Italian American heritage Month in an ever increasing number of schools!

Thanks to everyone for your support!

View this Italian Day intro in Italian

• View a letter to Afeltra from Rita DiCarlo, Director of K-12, Medford Public Schools

 View a letter to Eataly from Rita DiCarlo, Director of K-12, Medford Public Schools

Arduino Project, A scuola di Makers – Italian language of innovation

The Arduino Project is the product of the collaboration between CASIT, the Consulate General of Italy in Boston and Arduino srl and its realization was made possible thanks to the financial support of the “Patrons of the Italian Language”. The project’s main objective/goal is to unify the study of the Italian language in the American Schools of New England with the innovation world Made in Italy.
Arduino, an Italian firm founded in Ivrea, is well known in the world of Makers for its versatile electronic boards which revolutionized computer science and brought millions of young people to the digital artisanship. The pilot of the project was realized at the Dante Alighieri in Cambridge where 12 youngsters met with a Professor from Arduino srl who arrived directly from Italy for this purpose along with some tutors, mainly Italian students from MIT, Harvard and Northeastern University.

The project was then officially presented at some American Schools during the week of the Italian language. The particular aspect of these courses, typically a few hours long, is that classes are held in Italian by Italian students of the universities around Boston, under the direct supervision of the Arduino Staff and with the collaboration of interns and personnel from the Italian Consulate. Courses are operational and allow American students to use Italian language in a new and stimulating contest, learning new vocabulary and reinforcing the image of Italy.

Waltham Arduino

The students were enthusiastic about learning this new technology, taking the first steps in the world of electronics thanks to the Arduino technology and improving at the same time their Italian language skills. The project is revealing itself to be a great way of merging the teaching of Italian language with technology. Students interacted using Italian in a new and stimulating contest and thus learning new “lexicon” and strengthening a positive image of Italy.

Thanks to the Patrons’ help, the project was realized so far in the following schools: Winchester High School, Boston Latin, Newton North, Waltham and Medford High School. Help us to continue this wonderful project

Download a letter from Laura DiMascio, Italian Teacher, Newton North High School to Nicola Desantis and Domenico Savio Teker.

To the left is the video of the launch of the project aired on Italian Public Television RAI.

Giovanni di deo tenore

The Trio “I Classici”

Thanks to the financial support of “Patrons of the Italian Language”, a series of concert by the Trio I CLASSICI was offered to students of the Italian language in several American schools and to the Italian American community of New England. The Trio, composed by Soprano Annalisa Di Ciccio, Tenor Giovanni Di Deo and Pianist Guido Cellini is part of a project which intends to open a dialogue between music and the Italian language taught in the school curricula.

In the project more than 2000 students were involved coming from more than10 different schools, all participating in the initiative and all located in the three main areas where Italian is taught: Boston, Springfield and Providence (Rhode Island). There have been moments where the students were able to listen and ask questions and other more formal moments such as the very successful concerts at the Everett High School and Pittsfield Middle School (Massachusetts), Cranston East High School (Rhode Island) where many students of Italian from neighboring schools attended the concerts besides the hosting school.

The program has a first part dedicated to the Opera by Giuseppe Verdi “La Traviata” (revised for students in a reduced version of about 40 minutes) with the direct participation of the students who read on stage part of the text binding one aria to the next, so that a full vision of the Opera was conveyed to the audience. The second part was dedicated to songs from Italian popular regional culture on which some of the students did research in class. Particularly successful were also the concerts held for the community at large which strengthen the ties with the lovers of Italian culture. The Trio I CLASSICI was able to promote our language through an innovative vision, breaking from the traditional teaching methods for foreign languages and aiming primarily to convey real emotions!

Thank you for your support!

View this Trio “I Classici” intro in Italian
Download the “La Traviata” PDF here